Responsible Gambling

Problem Gambling Help Guide

Gambling is an activity that’s been around for thousands of years, and during this time many people have enjoyed gambling and for some it becomes too enjoyable, and it becomes an addiction. Over time, people can develop compulsive gambling habits and gambling addiction starts causing problems in life. I know this pain personally as I once battled a 5 year period of time when I was addicted to blackjack.

Since then, and three self exclusion periods from local casinos later, I quit gambling regularly and learned to gamble responsibly. Thank God, life is much better now that I quit going to the casino frequently and now am a responsible gambler.

Having gone through this experience, and working as an online gambling affiliate since 2001 building many different online gambling guides like, it has changed my perspectives on playing people playing casino games, sports betting, online poker, etc. These days I really try to explain to people the importance of responsible gambling. This means explaining what it means to be a responsible gambler and where to find help for gambling problems.

The Early Years

I started playing blackjack for fun 30 years ago. Two years later after that, I began playing blackjack for money on the local casino cruise in Cape Canaveral Florida at 18 years old. I was a responsible gambler for the first 17 years of playing blackjack and didn’t get addicted to gambling until I was 35 or so, during a mental breakdown.


Fortunately I got help from the problem of being an addict when my doctor prescribed a new medication which helped treat my schizophrenia and I started thinking more like a normal person after that. Once I had a more clear and less insane mind, I was able to recognize the insanity of going back to the casino to pour money into their coffers again and again. It took a lot of effort, including putting myself on self-exclusion from the Florida casinos for a year-long, three different times. Now I rarely gamble and am an advocate for championing responsible gambling in both the iGaming industry and to all people who gamble in general.

Help for Problem Gamblers

Responsible Gambling Council

For anyone that is going through the struggles of being addicted to gambling, betting, etc, these resources for problem gamblers have the tools and professionals you’re looking for. These organizations are specialists with dealing with and treating gambling addiction and can be lifesavers for someone in need of help.